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Director of Music - Edition 15 - 2020

Hindley Street Country Club with Westminster School

Recently, a group of 15 of our Music students recorded a track with the Hindley Street Country Club band, which also included a few of our instrumental and vocal tutors. The track was released during the Term 3 school holidays and has already had over 150,000 views on YouTube and over 22,000 views on Facebook.

My thanks to the HSCC for working with our students and to Andy J Sound for hosting the recording at their venue. Congratulations to all the students involved in this project and well done.

Please enjoy this track!

Music Online!

While this year has proven to be most challenging for everyone around the world, it has also opened up opportunities that may not have been possible otherwise. The Southern Stars Choral Festival gave rise to a number of choirs having to record their performances and send them through to be adjudicated online. Similarly, the ABODA SA Festival which is hosted by Westminster was also recorded for online adjudication this year. While all of our ensembles certainly missed performing to live audiences it did provide us with a chance to prepare and perform, and get some feedback from expert judges. These are the results.

Southern Stars Choral Festival

Vocal Jazz 2 - Bronze
Senior Vocal Ensemble - Silver
Vocal Jazz 1 - Gold and outright winner of their section.

Vocal Jazz 1 was also awarded the Division S1 Best Song for 'Through The Years' and have therefore been invited to perform at the Hopgood Theatre on Monday 26 October with the other winning schools from different divisions.

The feedback we received was outstanding. Here are some of the comments from the organisers and adjudicators.

Over the past month, our fabulous 45 choirs and three adjudicators have been recording their songs, listening & watching and providing feedback for the groups. Each group was awarded either a Gold, Silver or Bronze Level.

We can announce that 19 Gold Levels, 18 Silver Levels & 8 Bronze Levels were awarded throughout the groups. This is TRULY ASTONISHING and I could not be more proud of the many schools and community organisations who participated. It shows that Adelaide's choral scene continues to THRIVE!

More detailed results will be published in due time (and maybe a surprise event), but let us give a shoutout to the participating schools and organisations who made this event a success.

Feedback to Vocal Jazz 1…

Through The Years (arr. G Puerling)

Lovely Presentation. Apart from a couple of spots, this was super accurate both rhythmically and intonation wise. You all sang this beautifully. Totally connected emotionally, great story-telling and lovely blend. Wonderful to hear every word!

I loved the way you all sang into each phrase with rise and fall which made this flow so gracefully. Very engaging. It’s obvious you all listen carefully to each other and that is the main ingredient of choir singing! Well Done!

Nature Boy (arr. Ross Burford)

This was a phenomenal performance!!! You listen, you blend, you story-tell, sing with emotion, You all have a great groove and feel, fab inflections, great dynamics, diction! You are a team! You sing together! I just loved these two performances of yours! Well done all of you!

Well done to all students involved for their amazing efforts and thanks to their directors and accompanists: Chris Gould, Kellie Lenger, Jane Edwards, Paul Myers, Andrew Casey, Paul Jankovic, John McDermott, Jess Bigg, Sam Miller and Milush Piochard. A special thanks again to Darren McLachlan for his help with filming and editing all of our performances.

ABODA Results

Congratulations to all the students involved in the ABODA SA competitions this year. Again we received some excellent results and the process of preparing the pieces was a very worthwhile project.

Big Band 1 - Gold
Big Band 2 - Gold
Big Band 3 - Gold
Prep Concert Band - Gold
Senior Strings - Silver
Senior Orchestra - Silver
Senior Wind Ensemble - Silver
Intermediate Wind Ensemble - Silver
Prep String Ensemble - Non-competitive

Gold Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Ceremony

On Thursday 15 October, Westminster was invited to hold our own Gold Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Ceremony due to the number of awardees receiving the awards. The ceremony was held in the Adelaide Town Hall, accompanied by our very own string quartet. Well done to the string group who were accompanied by Ms Jenny Symonds.

Ready for action are Gabriel Lim (Clark), Hannah Gomez (Carter), Sarah Gomez (Carter)and Phoenix Pereira (Heaslip).
In action this time with Ms Jenny Symonds.

Opening of the new Thomas Pavilion

Adding to this wonderful day of the opening of the new Thomas Pavilion were the members of Big Band 1 who performed on the tiers of the building for the first-ever music performance. It was a little tricky playing in the open with a slight breeze but our students did a great job. The afternoon was spread out with some individual performances, with many students providing background music as tours were held in the new Pavilion and Hub while mini-games and festivities took place on the ovals.

My thanks again to Josh Ponniah (guitar), Immi Beatie (guitar/voice), 4tune8 (the Gomez family string quartet) and the Westminster string quartet who all gave up their time to provide some very entertaining and pleasurable music throughout the afternoon.


Term 4 Music Events

There are still many upcoming music events for the remainder of Term 4. Please see the Term 4 Music calendar attached. More details for these events will be forthcoming and the usual restrictions and COVID guidelines will apply.

Michael Degenhart
Director of Music