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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do students enjoy Curricular Dance at Westminster?

I believe students enjoy dance because it is a subject that provides freedom of artistic expression in a physical
way. It enables a sense of connectedness between class peers and is a fun activity in a non-threatening

What can a student expect if they study Curricular Dance at Westminster School?

Students can expect a creative and exciting school dance experience that focuses on the development of dance skills in the areas of performance, technique, choreography, improvisation and danced-related critical analysis.

Do all Curricular Dance students perform on the Michael Murray Centre Stage?

Yes, in fact, all dance students have an opportunity to perform on the MMC stage twice a year; with involvement in the Dance Allsorts production Semester 1 and the SACE show/Australian Made or Twilight concerts in Semester 2. Students involved in the broad co-curricular, before and after school program have an additional performance experience with the Let’s Dance co-curricular production in Term 4.

What year do you need to be in to learn Aerial silks?

Aerial skills, taught by a community Aerial dance specialist, is a privileged opportunity for our Stage 2 dance students once they have achieved an advanced level of strength and control from learning dance through the senior years.

Do we learn hip hop or Jazz at Westminster?

As part of the co-curricular dance program, that aligns with the daily school dance program, students can elect to do commercial dance that teaches skills in a variety of genres. This includes depending on the particular year, jazz, hip-hop, flamenco or musical theatre.

Is there a uniform for Dance lessons?

Yes, there is a specific dance uniform that provides comfort and freedom of movement. This is available from the Westminster Shop.

Do the Westminster Dance studios have wooden sprung floors?

Absolutely, all dance classes should be taught on a surface that ‘gives slightly’ to protect the body when landing, but at Westminster we have gone one step further and have sprung wooden floors in both dance spaces, to ensure students can move and land from jumps whilst keeping their body safe from injury.

Are there Dance excursions if a student studies Dance?

Yes, every year all dance students attend a dance performance as part of the Adelaide Festival of Arts. Experiencing live theatre annually is an important part of the dance learning experience at Westminster School.

How are students extended in Dance if they have had extensive prior training?

We have a successful Dance extension program for the serious or advanced dance student. Prior to entry or in the early days of the new school year, students are identified as needing extension and increased development in Dance due to their ability level and assigned a class that allows them to complete their dance studies a year ahead. If a student follows this pathway, after completing Stage 2 at Year 11, they can undertake Certificate lll during their final year at school.

Can anyone study Dance?

Dance at Westminster is accessible to all and accommodates the student who intends to make a career in the performing arts and the student who simply enjoys this artform. It is a subject that benefits a student on many levels - creatively, physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.