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Business & Entrepreneurship

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I study Legal Studies?

If you are keen to explore how you can make a difference in the world when it comes to issues of politics, human rights, crimes against society and humanity in a broader sense, and social welfare law, then Legal Studies is the subject for you. The law provides a platform for social cohesion, and an understanding of our legal system and the processes and structure intertwined within it is essential in your personal life and careers alike.

Most courses at tertiary level have an expectation that much of the coursework covered at a high school level is assumed knowledge, and since every business orientated degree will cover a significant amount of law, it is in your best interest to set yourself up for further study while still at Westminster School. Learn about the legal system and launch off of that prerequisite knowledge in your tertiary studies.

As a democratic citizen, you have an intrinsic set of rights that come with a substantial amount of responsibility. What is unacceptable behaviour in our community? What are the areas of law that provide for social progress in the future? How can you get involved in shaping the body of law to make the world a better place? What are the justice systems evident in Australia and around the world, and how have the courts put the law into motion to resolve disputes that are inherent in a global culture laced with diversity and differences of opinion? All of this will be revealed in Legal Studies. Challenge the way you think about the world as you explore the legal system and how it shapes society.

Why should I study Business Innovation?

Unlock the entrepreneur inside you, and use your creativity and innovation radar to identify hot spots and problem spaces in the world around you, recognise the urgency required to address these problems, give yourself a license to dream in terms of the utopia you can contribute to through creating a product solution for problems in the local and global communities, show how your imagination can overcome obstacles that present themselves in society, and support your deliberations with relevant evidence that justifies the need for the product you have dreamed up. Imagine earning a living by using your creativity, innovation, and enthusiasm with a desire to contribute to a better world. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Study the Business subjects on offer at Westminster to help you leave your mark on the future.

Why should I study Accounting?

They say that money is what makes the world go ‘round. Well, it certainly helps in many different and varied ways. Individuals and great big businesses have failed to succeed due to poor financial management, and many of these necessary tools you can add to your skill set by studying Accounting. Knowing the basics of accounting methods, processes and systems will give you the confidence to act in a financially responsible way in your personal and business lives.

Financial literacy is important because it equips us with the knowledge and skills we need to manage money effectively. Without it, our financial decisions and the actions we take or don’t take, lack a solid foundation for success. If people truly understand the way that financial systems work at an early age, they can then encompass that and apply it in their personal and professional lives.

Why should I study Economics?

The world has finite resources, and yet, paradoxically, we human beings have infinite wants. It seems we are never satisfied. And therein lies the economic problem. The government can never truly achieve all of its objectives because it is impossible to provide an answer that satisfies everybody. Yet we can become so much more efficient with our resources, so much more productive, and with that great big fusion reactor in the sky (aka the sun) and the wind always blowing in many places around the world, maybe the future holds solutions we have never thought possible. Good economic management is what underpins a successful society, and by undertaking the Economics subjects on offer at Westminster School, you can learn about the economic modelling and the conceptual decision-making tools that business and government need to take advantage of. In doing so, economic processes can reveal alternative methods to utilise the planet’s resources in a way that means we can sustainably have a high standard of living into the future and beyond.

How do business subjects relate to the real world?

Everyone will have many interactions with the business world everyday of their life. The invisible web of the law is all around us, and you will often satisfy some of your unlimited wants by purchasing products from tactile stores or through online shopping. In the developed world, many employment opportunities lie in the services industry, and at the heart of that industry is in depth business knowledge and analytical and evaluative skills that can be applied in a critical and creative way. Indeed, making choices is essentially what Economics is all about, and you make hundreds of choices on a daily basis. The working world is changing, and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and the Gig economy, many people will need to create their own jobs to make a living rather than working for someone else; however, there will still be many opportunities in the corporate and business environment, and the more you know about the four pillars of commerce, the more you will be ready to interact with the World of Business.