A Uniting Church coeducational independent day and boarding school on Kaurna Country, Adelaide, South Australia

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Next60 Campaign

To mark our 60th anniversary, we invite you to participate in our Next60 fundraising campaign. This campaign is helping us to further enhance the facilities in our new Cultural Precinct.

So what is the Cultural Precinct?

It is a place where our students and community can connect in a welcoming learning and social environment. The flagship Forder Centre, neighbouring the magnificent Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts, is a new tri-levelled facility that will buzz throughout the day and evening with the energy of our students and community in the great Dining Hall; fabulous oval-facing café, light-filled gallery, feature mezzanine and tiered learning spaces, extended hours library, student meeting rooms and a suite of private musical tuition rooms, as well as large rehearsal spaces for bands and ensembles.

Outside, a new Westminster Green outdoor amphitheatre for performance and gatherings will nestle between the Year 12 Centre and improved ‘kiss and drop’ zones for smoother traffic flow in the morning and afternoon peaks. The Murray Centre itself will undergo a facelift with a larger foyer facing Westminster Green.

That’s our Cultural Precinct, which will grow richer by the day with memorable experiences and occasions, and it is up to us to make it happen for our students of today and tomorrow. There’s more to explore, including some unique ways of where and how you can be recognised for your gift so please read on. We want to express our gratitude by filling our Cultural Precinct with the names of our Next60 supporters who believe in Westminster’s future.

What is my donation helping to fund?

Forder Centre

“Let the Life of the School begin.”

Seven simple words in February 1960, from our first Headmaster, Douglas Forder, as he launched Westminster School, the most contemporary of Adelaide’s top schools. A great man deserves a great building and the new Forder Centre will form the heart of the Cultural Precinct, along with the Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts. The impressive three-storey Forder Centre will speak of community with its many gathering and meeting spaces, including the new School Dining Hall and a relaxed café. This new facility will also be home to the main library, a gallery and our Music and Drama faculties. The Forder naming will move from the Preparatory School to make this commanding new centre the perfect tribute to an exceptional man with a big heart, who lived his life for the School.

Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts Foyer Expansion

Michael Murray, Westminster’s second Headmaster, is another distinguished figure in our history. At Westminster from 1977 to 1994, Michael Murray became our longest-serving Headmaster, who notably in 1978 led the School’s paradigm shift into coeducation. In 1988, the Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts was opened and is still recognised as one of the best auditoriums in South Australia. Throughout the past 33 years, the Murray Centre has hosted countless music and dance concerts, plays, assemblies, guest artists and conferences. It is a superb cultural centre for the use and enjoyment of our community. Not originally identified as a priority, the need for a larger, more spacious foyer to properly service the 1000-seat auditorium has been escalated by the global events of 2020. The timing is perfect as the extended foyer is destined to be an architectural gateway into the next development stage of the Campus Masterplan — Westminster Green.

Westminster Green Amphitheatre

Westminster Green will complete the outdoor space between the Cultural Precinct and the STEAM Precinct. Currently in conceptual design, a desirable option has emerged where Westminster Green includes an amphitheatre that will complement the community areas of the Forder Centre and Murray Centre. This area will lead to the new proposed Year 12 Centre and include improvements to traffic flow with upgraded kiss and drop lanes.

All gifts will be receipted into the Westminster Foundation Building Fund in support of student learning facilities. Personal receipts will be issued for all gifts and be tax-deductible for Australian citizens.

Music wall

Play your part. Lend your voice.

Every gift counts to our Next60 campaign and when the Forder Centre is opened, all donors will be recognised on virtual giving boards within this superb new facility. For a gift of $500 or more, you will be provided with an opportunity to have your own words and name permanently installed within one of five donor recognition walls in the Cultural Precinct.

Find out more about our donor recognition walls and how you can lend your voice.