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Gina Murray Memorial Scholarship

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In our community, few would not recognise the name of Headmaster Michael Murray, Westminster’s second Principal from 1977 to 1994.

Michael Murray’s name is synonymous with Westminster. Throughout the years beyond his tenure, Michael’s achievements and faith in Westminster continue to define him as a major part of our rich history.

But he did not do this alone. Through Michael’s own wish, now is the time to shine a light on his late wife Gina Murray, his dedicated partner who sadly passed away in 2003. In honour of Gina’s legacy at Westminster, Michael is proudly establishing the new Gina Murray Memorial Scholarship, and we are inviting you to join with Michael and the School to assist students of great potential who would otherwise never be able to attend Westminster.

Remembering Gina…

Gina was a remarkable individual. She was never one to seek the spotlight, but quietly made things happen, together with those who were active in our School community – staff, volunteers and students alike. Gina was with Michael at every step of their Westminster journey but never sought attention. She was kind, considerate, respectful, generous, friendly and always there to help others. Clever with craft and talented with needlework, Gina loved working with students develop their creative skills. Her extensive event catering and hosting were legendary – fundraising dinners, Year 12 lunches and afternoon teas and suppers for the arts and weekend sports. Gina loved animals and was known to rescue the occasional escapee lamb from the Sturt Grove Farm. And I’m sure if you were at School then, you will remember Gina’s daily walk around the oval with her beloved black labrador ‘Rowley’.

Gina embodied the values we look to develop in our students. She believed in Westminster and we are grateful to have benefited from her strength in the Murray partnership.

On reflection, Gina is a great unsung champion of Westminster. Someone who got things done with little fuss, was always there and could see where her skills were best placed to benefit the School and community. Like so many unsung champions, it takes time to fully understand the impact of such a valuable contribution.

But now is the time to remember and appreciate Gina’s dedication. As outlined, this will be a scholarship awarded to candidates who show every potential to do great things but would not otherwise be able to attend a School such as ours. It could be another unsung champion like Gina who quietly and purposefully goes about life, whose local or global contributions are recognised in time – something we will never know unless that opportunity is given.

While it is Michael’s initiative to honour his late wife, I believe we can also show our heartfelt thanks to Gina for her personal commitment to making Westminster a great School. Together, our contributions to the Gina Murray Memorial Scholarship will give future recipients many brilliant opportunities to do great things in their own way.

As happened in Michael and Gina Murray’s time, the School our community creates today makes a difference not just to us, but to those students and families who will be our future, even if they don’t know it yet.

Join us in supporting this exceptional new scholarship.