Middle Years

Our Middle Years program covers students in Years 7 to 9 as they make their pivotal transition from primary to secondary school. All year levels at Westminster are located on one spacious campus, allowing students to share outstanding teaching resources, performance venues and sporting facilities. We want each student’s education to flow smoothly across year levels in a school they know without the disruption and challenges that can come with a separate campus. The importance of the Middle Years is backed by our continuing investment in state-of-the-art learning and technological resources to prepare students for their senior education.

Only at Westminster does Year 7 combine the best of both primary and secondary learning worlds. Our Year 7 students learn from specialist subject teachers across an unparalleled subject range, including Mathematics, Science, Coding and Robotics taught in collaboration with home class teachers.

Year 7s benefit from their own impressive state-of-the-art centre and move to Senior School learning spaces and laboratories for some subjects in preparation for Year 8. At the same time, Year 7 students continue to enjoy unique leadership and developmental opportunities in their final year of primary education.

The Middle Years journey continues in Year 8 with a curriculum that reflects our ‘every opportunity’ ethos and home classes based in a suite of new hi-tech learning spaces. It is during the Middle Years that we fully introduce students to our considerable range of academic subjects and increase the already extensive range of sport, clubs and activities they can participate in, helping students find new strengths and develop into exceptionally well-rounded young adults.