Laptop Program

Our student laptop program plays a critical role in ensuring that our students have the right access to technology to meet their learning needs. Our laptop program is reviewed annually.

The arrangements for student devices are as follows:

  • Our Early Learning Centre offers access to iPads and desktops as part of their current program.
  • Reception to Year 4 students have access to devices in the classroom and specialist computer suites at no additional charge.
  • Year 5 students have one-to-one access to classroom sets of devices for use at School only.
  • Years 6 to 12 students are expected to have their own laptop. This laptop must be either a device recommended by the School, available for purchase through its supplier, or a Bring Your Own Other Device consistent with the School’s Laptop Device Specifications.
  • Core costs and consumables related to IT for all year levels will continue to be covered as part of the annual core costs component of the School Fees schedule.

For more information about school devices, please read our Laptop Program page.