Learning Resource Centre

The Senior School Learning Resource Centre is a vibrant hub in the school. It provides traditional materials as well as electronic resources. The carefully designed physical and digital spaces allow for various teaching styles to cater for diverse student research and learning.

Specialist staff focus on catering for student needs. Literacy programs and special events that occur throughout the year broaden student knowledge and assist them to engage with their studies. The Learning Resource Centre enhances collaboration between teaching staff to ensure that we cater for a broad curriculum focus aligned with the Australian Curriculum and SACE. We collect, organise and disseminate information to ensure student success. “Who is in the library is as important as what is in the library” (Georgia Phillips – Adjunct Lecturer at Charles Sturt University).

In 2011 the school rolled out its first set of laptops through the Learning Resource Centre. This project will continue in the coming years. Through this programme we emphasise cyber safety when working online to ensure that students are responsible digital citizens and are creating a positive digital footprint.

Desire 2 Learn is Westminster’s online learning platform. Our Resource Centre staff assist with the training of teachers, the collection of materials and maintenance of this 24/7 learning environment.