Visual and Creative Arts

Our Visual and Creative Arts programs are offered as both curricular and co-curricular options, and introduce students to the processes and skills required to produce innovative works and gain a valuable understanding of the positive benefits to personal development arts education offers. Students will be encouraged to develop a better appreciation of the roles the visual arts play in the wider community. By making, observing, and analysing works of art, design, fashion and photography, students will also develop an awareness of their own culture and creative identity.

All our teachers have a passion for the arts and are practising artists who have individual expertise in areas such as sculpture, painting, drawing and photography, and their dedication clearly flows over into the classroom.

Students have the option of joining one of the following groups as part of their co-curricular activities:

  • Visual Arts Club
  • Design and Fashion
  • Photography Club


The Visual Arts Centre is a substantial facility and includes the following separate studio areas:

  • Space purpose built for small and large sculpture construction
  • Studio for drawing, painting and exhibition
  • Suite of computers
  • Ceramics area
  • Printmaking area
  • General purpose area