Outdoor Education

Lessons in leadership, teamwork and self-discovery

The capacity to think, wonder, question and appreciate that learning is not always dependent on being in a classroom, is behind the success of the Outdoor Education program at Westminster School.

Each year, hundreds of Westminster students take part in the School’s comprehensive Outdoor Education program, undertaking valuable lessons in leadership, teamwork and self-discovery.

Established more than 30 years ago, Westminster’s Outdoor Education program involves students from Years 8 to 12. The School also offers an annual traineeship to one school leaver who has undertaken the subject as part of their Year 12 studies.

Westminster has the largest South Australian program for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, with more than 300 students taking part each year, with more than ten students each year achieve the highly prestigious Gold Award.

Westminster School offers Outdoor Education as an elective subject in Years 11 and 12. The subject is extremely popular and engages students in developing self-reliant expedition skills in activities as far ranging as scuba diving, bushwalking, rock-climbing, sea kayaking and cross-country skiing. Outdoor Education also develops a greater awareness of risk management procedures and sensible risk taking behaviour.

Inherent in their studies is developing an affinity with the outdoor environment and appreciating the need to develop and implement sustainable management practices to improve our ecological footprint.

The School also incorporates nationally accredited training courses into its Outdoor Education curriculum, to assist students wanting to seek outdoor leadership qualifications upon completion of their schooling, with Stage 2 students completing their TAFE Cert II in Outdoor Recreation.