The City of Marion, (pop. 80,000) stretches across the southern coastal plain and includes the bordering Mount Lofty Ranges to the coast. It is primarily a suburban area comprising many established suburbs. The City’s namesake, Marion, is just one such suburb. Marion is well positioned and served by transport, having easy access to excellent shopping and commercial precincts.


Adelaide, home to over a million people, is ideally situated between the blue waters of Gulf St Vincent and the lovely Adelaide Hills. We enjoy a dry, Mediterranean-style climate. Education, training and technology are well served through our learning centres, which include three universities. Elegantly planned, bounded by parklands, Adelaide often hosts cultural and sporting events of international significance and frequently is found in the top ten of the various ‘world’s most liveable cities’ lists.

South Australia

South Australia is the fourth largest Australian State and the only to border each of the other mainland States. Our capital is Adelaide. South Australia is renowned for beautiful wine regions, sandy beaches and rocky coast lines, historic towns, outback scenery, native wildlife, sea life, exceptional food, cultural and sporting programs. Primary and natural resources are key segments of our State’s economy.


Australia is a large country, and home to a culturally diverse 23 million people, living in everything from cosmopolitan cities to colourful outback towns. We are a nationally governed democracy, divided into six states and two mainland territories. Our cities are vibrant, technologically savvy and reflect a love of culture, sport and the great outdoors. The land is rich in resources, wildlife and natural attractions.