Exchanges are part of the Round Square philosophy. These exchanges occur at two levels: international and regional.

Regional exchanges occur in Year 8 and are two week reciprocal exchanges with other Round Square schools in the Australasian and East Asia region. While most of these exchanges are with Australian schools, there are increasing opportunities for exchanges to Bali, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

The international exchanges usually occur in Year 10, however Canadian schools have a preference for exchanging in late Year 9, and the Bavaria Hamburg German exchanges and the Tamagawa Academy Japanese exchanges are in Year 11, but in vacation time. Exchanges vary in length from six weeks to a full term depending on the individual circumstances. The exchanges are negotiated between Westminster School and the selected host school and are reciprocal, so no tuition fees are exchanged and the students travel on a tourist visa. Our exchange students’ families arrange their travel.

Westminster School exchanges are usually with Round Square schools, but some are the International Association of Methodist related Schools, Colleges and Universities and schools with which we have bilateral agreements.

There is no cost involved other than the travel expenses and the reciprocal hosting, and wherever possible, the aim is to accommodate the student’s first choice, but sometimes flexibility is required. Some schools do require a deposit to cover additional items such as camps or instrumental tuition which are not covered by the usual tuition fees. The amount varies depending on the school. Unused monies are returned at the end of the exchange.

The arrangement of exchanges can be done at any time, although it is advisable to look at 12 month preparation time.

More information on exchanges is available from the Round Square and Exchanges Coordinator, Julia Chukwuani, T: 8276 0276 or Email.