With more than 40 subject choices in Year 12, and around 200 sporting teams, activity clubs and ensembles, Westminster​​ ​really is the school with every opportunity. Whether you dream of performing on Broadway, shooting for the stars at NASA, or making your mark at the MCG, Westminster provides the best resources for an exceptional all-round education, giving boys and girls from Early Learning to Year 12 every opportunity to achieve all-round excellence.

Nikaiya’s busy coming up with a unique creation mixing old and new in Westminster’s fashion design studio. Using fabric designed by her late grandfather, Nikaiya is inspired to craft something beautiful, thoughtful and very special, made with love. When not working on designs for the runway, you'll find Nikaiya chasing World Records in the pool!

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Connor and Riley are twins who share an obsession with football. Their dream is to be professional AFL players and they’re Boarding at Westminster to give themselves every opportunity to make that a reality. Being Boarders, they have 4 ovals and a massive Sports & Swimming Centre as their home gym, so their year-round training regime is set.

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Mateja was born to sing! And dance… and act… and play clarinet and piano. And with a smile that could light up a room, when this stellar student hits the stage of Westminster’s 1000 seat performing arts centre, she is on top of the world!

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There’s no question about what Isabella’s passion is: it's Science. She absolutely loves it and she’s in a hurry to learn as much as she can about the world around her and to dive into advanced concepts like molecular biology and radioactivity. But being a true Westminster all-rounder, she doesn’t just do Science – lately she’s been learning bass guitar too!

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Tom is one of Westminster’s resident Maths stars. He has an amazing talent for Maths and was recently chosen for the prestigious National Mathematics Summer School at the ANU in Canberra. Tom lives and breathes Maths and takes every opportunity to apply it, like crunching his bowling stats in cricket.

#NumberCrunching #MathsGenius #Cricketer #EasyAsPi #EveryOpportunity