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Space, the final frontier. This is the voyage of Westminster School, to explore space, to inspire students, to boldly take them where no student has been before...

Since the beginning of civilisation, human beings have wondered about the stars. Stars have been our guiding light to navigate and explore planet Earth, and we have looked to the sky to make sense of the seasons, tides, our climate, and time itself.

Today, thanks to the work of enquiring scientific minds over many centuries, we understand more about our Universe than ever before, yet our research and technical advancements have revealed it to be bigger and more mysterious than we ever imagined. To unnlock all the answers, we must continue to nurture curiosity and equip more young people with STEM skills, and the confidence to shoot for the stars!

At Westminster, we are planning to do this by creating cutting-edge new Science facilities that will significantly enhance our exceptional learning programs. Thee facilities will replace the Senior School's established laboratories with innovative, high tech labs to stimulate and enourage both Preparatory and Senior students to pursue excellence in Science. These will be exciting spaces to engage and inspire our students, giving them the best possible learning experiences in this fundamental curriculum area.

However, we need your help to make our dreams a reality!

This year, the Westminster Annual Giving Appeal is asking you to help us make a 'Big Bang' in the lives of our students, and to leave your footprint on our Universe. Help us fill in Space by donating your favourite planet, Space Craft, constellation, or one of the other features of our galaxy. Just like Neil Armstrong's Moon landing, when you claim your very own piece of Space a flag bearing your name will be place on the Universe board at the School's main entrance, inspiring every student who sees it.

Ready to claim your 'space'? View the complete list of our Universe online, where you can read about which piece of the Universe you want to select. 

All gifts are 100% tax deductible, and will go towards your Foundation membership level. All donors will be individually acknowledged on the donor board in the new buidling.

With your help we can shoot for the stars and make our School out of this world!

It is easy to show your support:

Donate online or ring the Development Office on T: +61 8 8276 0212 to make a credit card donation. Thank you for supporting our students.

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for Westminster.


Thank you to our kind supporters: