Year 12

In this important final year of schooling, personal academic achievement is, of course, a major focus for our Year 12 students and all of our students are encouraged to do their best through proper preparation and understanding.

A focus on holistic (‘whole person’) development continues throughout this significant year to continue nurturing positive self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills, integrity, character and resilience through staff and community mentoring.

We actively encourage our Year 12 students to take a balanced approach to life to encompass all that continues to make them who they are. This includes an appropriate balance of their Year 12 studies with complementary co-curricular activities.

Each Year 12 class provides our Senior School leaders, including our School Captain, Vice Captain and House Captains, but it is not only the appointed School leaders that the younger students see as great role models and leaders. All Year 12 students have the opportunity to set a positive example for younger students.

In Year 12, a huge range of subject choices are on offer, currently around 40, and more are offered through external study. This allows students to capitalise on their individual strengths, maximising their results and heightening their confidence and self-esteem. Class sizes are kept small with an average of 12 to 13 students. Our School maintains a commitment to flexibility in timetabling to cater to our senior students’ preferred programs, no matter how individual.

Centrally located in the Senior School, Year 12 students enjoy their own Year 12 Centre, complete with a large study and meeting area, computer precinct, kitchen and locker space. This centre also houses our specialist Head of Senior Students and a number of House Head offices.

At the end of the school year, the School holds its traditional Valedictory Dinner on our annual Speech Day. The Valedictory Dinner is the final official School event at which our Year 12 students leave the School to become Old Scholars and be known as the Class of their particular year. Our Year 12 students choose many different pathways after school with the vast majority choosing tertiary study. They will, of course, have in common their identifying Old Scholar Class, which we hope will continue to bring them together at our regular Old Scholar reunions and activities.