The highlight of Outdoor Education studies at Westminster School undoubtedly is its renowned and successful Westventure program.
Following annual camps to Kuitpo Forest and the South Coast Walking Track in Years 8 and 9, every Year 10 student attends the two-week Westventure program at the School’s 68-hectare outdoor education site at Point Sturt on the lower Murray River.
Westventure focuses on personal, group and environmental development through adventurous and challenging activities including sailing, canoeing, orienteering and camping.
Students are separated from their familiar urban comfort zones and learn how to cope in the outdoors without modern day luxuries and technological gadgets.
Westventure fosters a greater awareness in students of their surroundings, other students and themselves. It encourages students to “test their boundaries”, learning that success depends on teamwork and the ability to think first of the welfare of the group.