Visual Arts

Our Creative Arts programs introduce students to the processes and skills required to produce innovative works and gain a valuable understanding of the positive benefits to personal development arts education offers.
Students will be encouraged to develop a better appreciation of the roles the visual arts play in the wider community.
By making, observing, and analysing works of art, design, fashion and photography, students will also develop an awareness of their own culture and creative identity.
All our teachers have a passion for the arts and are practising artists who have individual expertise in areas such as sculpture, painting, drawing and photography, and their dedication clearly flows over into the classroom.
The faculty is seen by students as a complete unit, a community within a community, not as individual teachers taking individual classes.
Visual Arts Facilities
The Visual Arts Centre is a substantial facility and includes the following separate studio areas:
  • Space purpose built for small and large sculpture construction
  • Studio for drawing, painting and exhibition
  • Suite of computers
  • Ceramics area
  • Printmaking area
  • General purpose area

Creative Arts Program

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 16

Students can choose to do a Creative Arts subject as an elective subject with no pre-requisites to enter at any year level and can be taken as a semester or a full year subject

Visual Art course from Year 8

Design and Fashion from Year 9

Photography from Year 10

Students at the SACE Stage 1 & 2 level can study combinations of the various disciplines either as a Creative Arts and/or Visual Arts

Many exit students continue their tertiary studies in art related courses such as visual communications, architecture, interior architecture, fashion design in Adelaide and interstate universities

Key points include:

  • Students learn to understand the process of being an artist or a designer and are well equipped to follow their own ideas and concepts.
  • Student and professional art exhibitions allow students to be exposed to many original and varied artworks around the Visual Arts Centre and the School in general, providing excellent opportunities to learn from valued members of the wider art community.
  • The faculty is well equipped and resourced.
  • Courses can be developed to match a student’s interest and strengths, requiring individually tailored teaching to help maximise student development in this subject.
  • Historic aspects of art and artists are taught in order to understand and create works of art founded on this knowledge.
  • In the Preparatory School, art is taught based mainly on technique, creating a strong foundation in this subject for those students wishing to continue their study in this area.
  • The Year 12 students visit Melbourne or Sydney each year to look at other student and cultural exhibitions to assist in their own studies and understanding.
  • Every two or three year’s students can be part of an overseas art/cultural tour. Tours to date have been to New York and Europe which have been exciting and life changing experiences, broadening their understanding and horizons.
  • Art Club is a popular activity within the School’s co-curricular program, where individual and group projects are created as well as the opportunity to workshop with invited professional artists.