Vocational Education and Training (VET)

What is Vocational Education and Training (VET)?

Starting vocational studies while still at school is an increasingly popular and effective way of getting a head start on a chosen career path. Westminster School maintains its commitment to an academic program and VET courses offer a practical means of learning about career pathways from within the existing school curriculum. VET courses are accredited nationally and completed courses contribute to the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). VET modules are recognised by industry.

What are the benefits of VET?

  • It can enhance the opportunity to enter further study.
  • It can broaden the range of career and further education options.
  • It can provide a range of job skills and improved communication skills.

What are some of the advantages of doing VET while still at school?

  • Students can start training for a career in their chosen industry and gain their SACE at the same time.
  • Students can explore possible areas of interest that will help them make a decision about further study and work choices.
  • What students are learning at school is relevant to what they will do in the work setting and when they leave school.
  • Students will gain skills and knowledge that employers want, increasing their opportunities for employment

What VET courses are offered at Westminster School?

Westminster School offers a range of vocational pathways to lead students onto either further study or employment. Students have the opportunity to gain dual SACE and TAFE qualifications and to follow pathways to better prepare themselves to make choices about a range of vocations. Competencies from certificates offered at TAFE Institutes are embedded into a range of our subject areas. Students who successfully meet the competencies receive a statement from TAFE, listing the competencies. The following pathways have been developed to provide students with the opportunity to complete competencies from a range of certificates offered at TAFE Institutes


Outdoor Education
This area covers competencies from the Outdoor Recreation Certificate 1 and 2 and are embedded into the SACE component of Years 11 and 12 Outdoor Education and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Such competencies include leadership skills and allow students to continue on after Year 12 to complete either a Certificate 4 or Diploma of Outdoor Recreation or work toward outdoor leadership certificates recognised in the industry.

Food and Hospitality
The hospitality area covers careers such as a chef, kitchen hand, bar and waiting. Students interested in a career in hospitality can obtain competencies from the Certificate 1 in Hospitality. The units covered are excellent resources not only for people wishing to make a career in the industry but also anyone looking for part-time employment in food handling and/or commercial kitchens.

Office Administration
For students interested in a career in office administration, competencies have been embedded in Stage 1 Business Maths. Competencies are from the Certificate 2 in Office Administration as well as numeracy modules from the Certificate 1 in Employment Skill Training.

Tourism is offered at Year 12. The content of the subjects provide students with a background in tourism, enabling them to make informed career choices in this area. Modules from Certificate 1 in Tourism are embedded in this course. Students who complete their SACE can apply to study tourism courses offered at TAFE. Students who have studied tourism at school may have an advantage in gaining selection for a TAFE course.

Competencies from the Certificate 1 in Furnishing offered at TAFE have been embedded into Stage 2 Furniture Construction. Students have the opportunity to be introduced to up to four trades including cabinet making, wood machining, furniture polishing and upholstery.

This program enables capable students to complete their SACE while preparing them for entry into the agricultural or farming areas. The Farm Chemical Users module from Certificate 1 in Agricultural will be embedded in the SACE component of the Year 12 course.

Certificate 2 in Music Industry Skills is a comprehensive overview of the Australian Music Industry, how it works and pathways to a wide variety of career opportunities in performance, business and technical fields. Currently, course modules are embedded in classroom music courses and are delivered by experienced industry professionals.

Information Technology
This course is currently being developed and is expected to include Certificate 1 and 2 modules.