Student Wellbeing

Pastoral Care
Within our House system and School structure we aim to ensure that each student has opportunities to create close, positive relationships with a range of trusted adults and peers. The aim is to help students develop a network of friendship, guidance and support.
This network extends beyond our teaching staff and House Heads to our Chaplain, RAVE (Religious & Values Education) teachers and the School Counsellor.
Our pastoral care program aims to provide a supportive, caring and Christian environment where students can fulfil their potential and become independent and interdependent members of the community, able to contribute to a wide range of activities.
At Westminster this means setting up systems and processes to ensure that we care for each individual student as a ‘whole person’. We do this by:
  • developing pride and commitment by supporting students’ continued and committed involvement in a wide range of School activities; 
  • creating opportunities for open communication and encouraging an appreciation of others in order to foster positive relationships throughout the School and beyond;
  • encouraging independence to prepare students for their schooling and their future;
  • providing positive role models and opportunities to develop leadership qualities in all areas of students’ lives;
  • encouraging students to fulfil their potential in all areas of School life and beyond;
  • providing a supportive, caring and nurturing environment appropriate to students’ individual needs.

In essence, pastoral care works to prevent bullying, harassment, exclusion and isolation and to promote inclusion and celebrate diversity, difference and belonging.

Church within our School environment closely associates with the development and practices of the Uniting Church. Communion, Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Confirmation are sacred rituals administered at the Chapel. Chapel services at Westminster vary in style and many new and exciting dimensions of personal reflection and sense of belonging are encountered. Pastoral care, personal support, visitation to homes and hospitals, family support and mediation are administered by our Chaplains.

Westminster School develops Christian faith and welcomes opportunities to journey with people who are seeking to explore their own sense of faith. Under the auspices of the Uniting Church, the School has established networks with various churches and youth groups, in Adelaide and South Australia, that provides a variety of styles and worship so that students and families can continue their growth and spiritual development.


Chaplaincy Services under the National School Chaplaincy Program are supported by funding received from the State Government Department of Education and Child Development which is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training for this purpose.