Science at Westminster follows the Australian Curriculum and covers the following topics: 

​7 ​8 ​9 ​10
Classification Cells​
​Organ Systems &
Food Chains &
Food Webs
​Organ Systems &
​Ecosystems ​Evolution
Mixtures Particles ​Atoms ​Periodic Table
​Earth in Space
Elements, Compounds
& Mixtures
​Reaction ​Factors Affecting
Chemical Reactions
​Renewable resources
(& Physical) Changes
​Acids & Bases Space beyond Earth
​Water ​Rock ​Tectonics ​Global Systems
& Cycles
​Forces ​Energy ​Energy Transfer ​Energy
​Gravity Motion

These cover the broad areas of:

Planet Earth and Beyond

In addition, Years 11 & 12 students are able to specialize in Physics, chemistry or Biology.

Our Faculty also embraces agricultural Science from year 9 to 12 and Psychology in Years 11 & 12.

All of the courses contain a high practical component and, with the possible exception of Psychology students can expect to spend the vast majority of their time in science laboratories or out on the Sturt Farm.

In Year 10 Students can choose an additional science elective called Science Plus which looks at cutting edge applications of science including topics such as nanotechnology and aspects of biotechnology.

There are seven laboratories spread through our Carter laboratories complex. All labs are equipped with data projectors or interactive whiteboards and every effort is made to integrate digital technology into the lessons.

The Science teaching staff form a dedicated, enthusiastic and professional team with many decades of experience between them.

Students regularly participate in extracurricular activities such as the RACI Titration competition and the Flinders University Chemical Murder Mystery, reinforcing the idea that Science does not stop at the Laboratory Door.