Religious and Values Education (RAVE)

Religion, Philosophy, & Ethics  are central in the Westminster Academic Program. We are proud of our Methodist heritage, and the vibrant spirituality that flows from this and our ecumenical and Uniting Church culture. Religion is a core subject two lessons per week in Years 8 to 10, and is taught in the Senior Years as a central part of our education of the whole person.

In the Religion Faculty, our reference points are the SACE Philosophy subject outline, which emphasises the Community of Enquiry, the Studies of Religion outline which fosters depth in Christian and comparative World Religions, the ACARA National Curriculum Capabilities, and the academic rigor which flows from the Dialogue Network five strand approach.

Our students are immersed in their own Christian and biblical tradition. Solid grounding in western philosophy and theology allows mature critical and creative thinking. Engagement and familiarity with World Religions develops inter cultural capability. Our Service Learning and Wellbeing programs develop personal and social capability, and our pastoral program graduates young people who know the importance and value of ethical behaviour.

An essential experience for young people today is of stillness & silence, and mindful contemplative living. Nurturing of the inner life is central to our concept of the good life in the personal and social sphere, and to any measure of academic success and learning for life.

Our staff are experienced graduate Education and Theology degree holders, many hold post grad qualifications, and all are active in their SACE and national & inter national professional associations.

Chaplaincy Services under the National School Chaplaincy Program are supported by funding received from the State Government Department of Education and Child Development which is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training for this purpose.