Students are encouraged to develop leadership qualities in all areas of their life. We encourage independence in preparation for their schooling and their future. There are many opportunities for leadership: Sport, Performing Arts, Tours, School Leadership positions in Year 12, Outdoor Education, and through the House System. All Year 12 students are generally considered leaders of the Senior School student group on campus. In the Year 12 cohort there are between 30 and 40 students who are formally appointed to School Leader offices, primarily by a vote from Senior School students and teachers. Part of a Year 12 student’s opportunity for a well-rounded year is balancing their studies with taking responsibility for others and participation in sport and/or the arts through peer mentoring/mediation. There are leadership opportunities in sporting teams, drama, music, dance, musicals, plays, agriculture, international experiences, tours, excursions, pastoral care and community service – locally and globally.

We are a member of Round Square, a group of international schools, who include taking responsibilities for others through leadership.

Students who successfully handle leadership at school are likely to be better prepared for leadership roles in adult life. It can also help to prepare for life after school in general, not just in careers and tertiary course selection, but also in interests, hobbies, socially and travel.