Languages Other Than English (LOTE) is a significant part of the Westminster School Curriculum. German, Japanese and Chinese are offered from Reception to Year 12. LOTE students have achieved very successful outcomes not only from Stage 2 SACE LOTE study but also from various language competitions interstate. Westminster School has nurtured students to become more linguistically and culturally intelligent through the LOTE program. Learning a foreign language is compulsory up to Year 9, but a large number of students continue to study a foreign language for their future. In addition, students often accelerate their language skills beyond their year level and achieve great results.
Westminster School strongly believes that by studying another language, students will:
  • Develop language proficiency;
  • Prepare better to engage with the global community by increasing their understanding of other cultures;
  • Gain a competitive edge in future employment and economic opportunities;
  • Obtain access to other people, ideas and ways of thinking in globalised world;
  • Become interested in and respectful of other cultures;
  • Develop social and cognitive skills that will help students in other areas of the curriculum;
  • Travel through parts of the world enjoyably and with confidence.

The core syllabus of LOTE consists of ten topics and related grammatical concepts and conversational skills. The topics are:

  • Individual
  • People and place
  • Leisure and travel
  • Education and work
  • Environmental issues
  • Health issues
  • Social and youth issues
  • Intercultural perspectives