Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is one of the many strengths of Westminster School. Utilising our extensive IT infrastructure and network, IT forms an integrated part of all learning at Westminster.

Through our focus on Information Technology, we offer:

  • a substantial network of computers
  • a superior, high capacity, fast internet connection
  • a low ratio of computers to students
  • highly developed remote access solution
  • software covers nearly every possible educational tool
  • specialists teaching at all levels
  • teacher developmental support in IT application

The students become confident computer users without necessarily choosing IT as a subject because it is integrated into every subject and everyday school life.

Information Technology is offered as a core component of the curriculum in all year levels in the Primary School (Reception to Year 7) and Years 8 and 9 in the Senior School, after which students may elect to pursue it as a formal study.

We reported a ratio of 3.8:1 for our application for funding under the NSSCF. Excluding boarders, we currently have a bit under 500 computers for students, teachers and admin. Our annual replenishment program ensures students have ready access to modern, reliable and highly capable IT equipment.

Extensive infrastructure also ensures there are whole classrooms of computers available for non- computing subjects. For example, a History or Mathematics teacher can book one of the four computer labs in the Senior School, so each student has access to their own computer. It also means faculties are able to have a number of computers embedded into their area, for example, each of the Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Design and Technology faculties has a computer precinct within their specialist learning areas.

Suite of Software

Westminster’s software suite on WestNet (the School’s intranet) comprises more than 100 software applications. Software availability covers nearly every possible educational tool including:

  • multimedia and music software in our keyboard lab
  • CAD software in our technology precinct
  • internet and email access
  • a large range of learning materials for students available on-campus or remotely through our intranet