Inclusion and Enrichment

Westminster School recognises that each child’s learning needs are unique. The Westminster School STRETCH Centre was established in 1998 to address individual learning needs within the School and to complement the way these needs are met within the classroom.
Now known as the Inclusion and Enrichment program, our role involves classroom withdrawal for students from Reception to Year 10 who require learning support or enrichment and extension to their learning. All students within our School undergo a comprehensive testing program at the commencement of Reception and Year 8. It is from this testing, together with communication from respective preparatory schools, that students are identified as needing either learning support, or enrichment and extension. Identification also continues throughout the year, allowing for those students who may show their particular talents or learning needs in other ways, and at different times.
The Inclusion and Enrichment Centre also assists faculties in developing programs aimed at catering for the individual needs of students in the classroom environment throughout the School.
Support Programs
Students in need of academic support have access to a range of programs in the areas of language, mathematics, social skills or other specialised areas.
Enrichment and Extension
For students who are gifted in a range of areas, programs of enrichment and extension are offered that may include visual and critical thinking skills, creative problem solving, mathematics, language and debating.
Tailored Curriculum
Some students require a more specific individual learning program involving either intensive support or some form of accelerated learning. The STRETCH Centre helps faculties to prepare such programs, negotiating appropriate curriculum and liaising with the teachers, parents and students involved. Individual Educational Plans are also coordinated by Inclusion and Enrichment and serve to add another dimension in our response to individual learning needs at Westminster School.