House System

Our House system works across the whole School to deliver our pastoral care program. Students are assigned to one of ten houses in the Senior School. Houses comprise students from all age groups and form the basis for friendly, intra-School competition for sports days and other activities.

In the Senior School, Year 8 students are assigned a class group with a class teacher, who is responsible for their care and welfare. The Head of Year 8 oversees and supports the class teachers and all Year 8 students. From Year 9 onwards, pastoral care is overseen by the relevant Head of House, with assistance from tutors. Within our House system and School structure we aim to ensure that each student has opportunities to create close, positive relationships with a range of trusted adults and peers. The aim is to help students develop a network of friendship, guidance and support.

This network extends beyond our teaching staff and House Heads to our Chaplain, RAVE (Religious & Values Education) teachers and the School Counsellor. A particular feature is the Year 9 wellbeing program where students are separated into their genders so they may feel more comfortable to engage in a discussion in some of the teenage issues they are dealing with.

The teacher in charge of a House knows about many aspects of every student in their House – enough to have an overview of their welfare. The House tutors work with smaller tutor groups within the House and have daily contact with students.

Each House holds regular meetings where students of all age levels interact. Each House elects leaders, who take on positions of responsibility within both the House and the wider School. Houses also organise community service activities and fundraising projects and involve parents in many of their activities.