Through the German Course at Westminster School, students will be able to enhance their German language proficiency and to connect to 120 million native speakers around the globe. 

The Year 8 and 9 German Course is designed for study at a Basic Level, by students with a minimum 2 years of study or the equivalent of 400 or more hours over that period. The main focus is on language acquisition and development. It aims to equip students with plenty of useable language and to provide them with numerous opportunities for use. Carefully thought-out structures are designed to bring learners to an understanding of how the language works, the links between spelling and sounds and how learnt language can be combined with new concepts to speak or write a short sequence of sentences in German.   

The Year 10 German Course is designed for study at an Intermediate Level by students with a full year of Year 10 Study or the equivalent of 200 or more hours over that period. The main focus is on the ability of expressing/analysing/processing information, opinions and experiences in German, and understanding aspects of the language and culture of German-speaking communities. This course will consolidate and extend what was achieved in the Basic Level and should motivate students to continue their study of the German language and culture into their senior years of secondary schooling.

The Year 11 and 12 German Course is designed for study at a High Level by students with two years of study or the equivalent of 400 or more hours over that period.

This course consists of four designated learning requirement outcomes:

  • Interact with others to exchange information, ideas, opinions and experiences in German
  • Create texts in German to express information, feelings, ideas and opinions
  • Analyse texts in German to interpret meaning
  • Examine relationships between language, culture and identity, and reflect on the ways in which culture influences communication.
There are three prescribed themes:
  • The Individual – aspects of one’s personal world such as sense of self, aspirations for the future, personal values, opinions, ideas, relationships with others
  • The German-speaking Communities – exploring topics from the perspective of groups within those communities or the communities as a whole, reflecting also upon one’s own culture
  • The Changing World – exploring change as it affects the world of work, considering topics such as technology, trade and tourism as well

Students who have studied German for more than 5 years and have lived in Germany or German speaking country for an extended period may study at the Higher Level after consultation with the Head of LOTE.