Year 8

Students studying Geography in Year 8 will discuss what Geography is.  They will use mapping skills and learn how to interpret the variety of maps available.  The emphasis will be on the local area, investigating the Sturt Creek, and researching about rivers and the effects they have on the landscape.

Students map locations such as the Chapel, and the School before going visiting the Sturt Drain.

Year 9

Year 9 Geography introduces students to South Australia, its physical features and climate.  Specific SA settlements are researched including climate, weather and population change.  The mapping section includes the use of topographic maps. Students will also study impacts of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Year 10

Year 10 Geography requires students to understand the concepts of settlement patterns and urbanisation.  Students will look at land use zones, including the Central Business District.  Problems that occur in urban and rural areas will be discussed, with students making recommendations for particular cities. Students will participate in several excursions, a walking tour around the local streets and visits to two different suburbs around Adelaide. In conjunction with the above, students will learn how to manipulate maps using GIS.

Year 11

(A) Students study the world’s climate, mapping and a contemporary Geographical issue. Incorporated in this is mapping using GIS and a visit to the Warriparinga Wetlands.

(B)  Measuring development and investigating a Less Economically Developed Country. Mapping and graphical skills are taught as well as urban planning.

Year 12

Students are introduced to the processes involved in population change. Students become aware of the impacts of population and consumption on the environment. The use of water provides an example of issues related to the use of resources. Water is fundamental to the preservation of life on the planet. Population and consumption are placing pressure on freshwater supplies.

Geographical Inquiry – each student initiates an inquiry that can relate to the coastal option topic.

Individual Fieldwork Report – this work is undertaken independently by individual students, and must relate to one of the option topics other than Coasts.