Co-curricular Activities

Westminster School offers an extensive and varied co-curricular program, and we strongly encourage our students to participate in it. Westminster seeks to provide opportunities for students to discover personal/individual talents and interests.

The co-curricular activities should complement the student’s academic (curricular) program, thus developing a balanced education for each student. These activities not only allow opportunity for individual and group/team involvement, but also provide a chance for students to find success and a sense of their own personal worth beyond the classroom. Our co-curricular program is voluntary and is conducted before/after school, also at lunch times and weekends.

Westminster School believes physical and outdoor education are important components of each student’s schooling and development. Students discover and enjoy a diverse range of sport and outdoor education interests. Physical education is an important part of the core curriculum and students are also encouraged to represent the School in weekday and/or weekend sports. Academic staff either coach or manage the sports teams, assisted by the expert help provided by external sports coaches We also have specialist coaches in several sports e.g. cricket, netball, basketball, soccer, tennis. Performing arts such as Music, Dance and Drama, and other activities are also popular.