As Westminster is a Day and Boarding School, International students have a choice in what is the right living environment for their study and life in Australia. Both Homestay and our Boarding House are supportive and caring living environments.

Homestay Information

International students perform better in school when they live in a supportive and caring family environment. Westminster School carefully selects Australian host families, who provide a safe and secure environment for students living away from their own homes. The host families are expected to provide full board and appropriate care and supervision to the age of the student. The host families also help international students to adjust to the Australian culture and lifestyle, assist with language, and support their learning program.

Westminster School works with the homestay placement agency, Happy Homestay Adelaide. The Homestay Program is closely monitored by the International Student Coordinator and the Homestay Co-ordinators of Happy Homestay Adelaide. Happy Homestay Adelaide does its best to fulfil the requests of international students as closely as possible and makes regular visits to host families and international students to help them achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives.  

Boarding House

The Westminster School Boarding House welcomes students from Years 7 to 12 from a diverse range of backgrounds and a large population of Australian country students. Our Boarding provides modern facilities and a welcoming ‘family’ atmosphere with a dedicated team of experienced, professional and supportive staff. The boarding experience gives international students the chance to build life-long friendships with fellow students from very diverse backgrounds, both in regional and rural Australia and other countries. This mixing of cultures and life experiences provides all with opportunities for meaningful interactions.