Enrolment Enquiry

If you have chosen a tour day and time and would like to book a school tour now, please follow the link to our Enquiry page OR continue reading this page.


Please follow the link to view our prospectus online, or download a pdf version.


Although our website provides a wealth of information about the School, all enquiries are welcome at Westminster.


The usual enquiry process is:


Step 1
Go through the website in detail, printing any section you wish.


Step 2
Book into one of the scheduled School tours.
View the Tour Schedule.


Step 3
Attend the School tour, ask any questions you may have.


If the scheduled tour times do not suit or you have questions to ask, please complete your details on our Enquiry page with any questions and submit online. Our Enrolments Team will contact you in response to your enquiry, or you can send us an email or call T: 08 8276 0276.


All international enquiries will be addressed via email.