Resilience and Self Esteem

While the House system operates in the Preparatory School, the classroom teacher provides the primary pastoral care role for students. Students also have contact with a range of specialist teachers (such as Art, Music, Sport, IT, etc).

In their first year of schooling, our Preparatory students have regular contact with eight teachers, plus their House Head. In addition, our Buddy program ensures that young students each have regular contact with an older buddy from another class.

This all works to increase the number of ‘friendly faces’ each child has to turn to at Westminster.

The Preparatory School has implemented a program that will work to develop resilience in students and provide workable strategies for teachers and students alike to deal with difficult issues such as bullying. Called ‘Bounce Back’, the program has been integrated across a variety of subject areas. Similarly, the Senior School has integrated the ‘Mind Matters’ program into pastoral care sessions.