We are excited to announce the opening of our new purpose-built Early Learning and Year 7 Centre, the Mathwin Centre, in 2016. Interested in finding out more? Contact our Enrolments Manager, Darin Betro, T: +61 8 8276 0230, or via Email


Primary classes at Westminster School are from Years 3 to 7. This group comprises the Middle Primary (Years 3-5) and Upper Primary (Years 6 and 7).

Middle Primary

Middle Primary classes at Westminster School are from Years 3 to 5 and continue to build on the foundations of learning, providing a balance between core and specialist subjects. Class teachers work closely with specialist teachers who take specific subject lessons, including Music, Art, PE, Japanese, Religious and Values Education (RAVE) while others provide support and extended learning for individual students, particularly in Mathematics and English. Information technology underpins learning in all years. Classes move to other key learning areas, such as the Haslam Library, Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts, Sports and Swimming Centre, Forder Centre and IT rooms, to suit the curriculum. 

Upper Primary

Years 6 and 7 form Upper Primary and continue a program of core and specialist subjects. Upper Primary students also provide support to our younger students through our House system and buddy programs. As Upper Primary and Year 8 effectively create the bridge between our Preparatory and Senior Schools, we recognise the importance of Years 6 and 7 to encourage leadership, community, independence and taking responsible risks in learning  while still within the nurturing environment of our Preparatory School. Students continue to have ready access to the staff and facilities that contribute to our wide curriculum, structured to provide a diverse learning experience. In Year 7, class-based laptops are issued in readiness for the Senior School laptop program. Sport and other co-curricular activities, such as service and performing arts, provide a wide range of opportunities that play a vital role in each student’s experience. The Upper Primary years focus on building self-confidence, resilience and developing character to prepare our Upper Primary students and their families for the important transition to secondary schooling.


There is approximately a 50:50 split of male and female teachers within the Preparatory School staff. Students also have specialist teachers in Music, Sport, Art, Information and Communication Technologies, Japanese, RAVE (Religious and Values Education) and Library to maximise their development and provide depth in the curriculum delivery.

Our Daily Fitness program combined with specialist sports lesson ensures that every student exercises every day.