Junior Primary

At Westminster School, Junior Primary consists of students from Reception to Year 2. Students in these years have access to the same facilities as their older counterparts, but enjoy the benefit of having a separate, safe and welcoming playground close to their classrooms.

We have two entry points into full time school.  One entering Reception at the beginning of the year for students who turn 5 before the end of June, and a second entry point in July for the students who turn 5 in the second half of the year.  This second cohort enjoy our Transition program which is full time school and prepares the students very well as they move from our Early Learning Centre into the more structured environment of the classroom.

From Reception, we focus on literacy and numeracy at every level every day and balance core subjects and skill development in reading, comprehension, spelling, writing, information technology, Science and Mathematics and with specialist classes in Music,  PE, Art, Religion and Values, and Japanese.

We are one of only a handful of South Australian Schools that remains committed to offering mid-year Reception intake to suit all birth dates. At Westminster we believe in working with our families to provide students with a smooth transition into school when they are ready to do so.

Literacy (reading, spelling and writing) is done each morning before recess when students are at their freshest. Many parents come into the classrooms at the start of the day for reading. Numeracy/Maths is then normally done between recess and lunch. There are specialist teachers in Art, Music, Information and Communication Technologies, Sport, Japanese, Library and RAVE (Religious and Values Education) from Reception onwards. There is a mix of male and female teachers.

Westminster School has three classes at Reception, Year 1, and Year 2. Creating a third class recently, means that children in these year levels will enjoy classes of around 20 or less students in all likelihood.