Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is one of the many strengths of Westminster School Preparatory School. Utilising our extensive IT infrastructure and network, IT forms an integrated part of all learning at Westminster.

Through our focus on Information Technology, we offer:

  • a substantial network of computers

  • a superior, high capacity, fast internet connection

  • a low ratio of computers to students

  • highly developed remote access solution

  • software covers nearly every possible educational tool

  • specialists teaching at all levels

  • teacher developmental support in IT application

The students become confident computer users without necessarily choosing IT as a subject because it is integrated into every subject and everyday school life.

Information Technology is offered as a core component of the curriculum in all year levels in the Preparatory School (Reception to Year 7).

Extensive infrastructure also ensures there are whole classrooms of computers available for non- computing subjects in the Preparatory School. For example, a Year 6 teacher can book one of the two computer labs, so each student has access to their own computer.  In addition there are hubs around the School and sets of laptops and iPads for student use. All students in Year 7 have their own laptop provided for classroom use.

Suite of Software

Westminster’s software suite, the School’s intranet, comprises more than 100 software applications. Software availability covers nearly every possible educational tool.

Provision of remote access

Westminster School operates with a highly developed remote access solution, obviating the need for laptops. Students and parents can simply log on to the School’s network from home and, via a secure password, can access the network and many of its features, including their own academic files. Homework can be set on-line using this access.

Teaching Curriculum

Teachers at Westminster School are supported in their own IT development, so students can be confident they are learning from up-to-date professionals with the expertise and confidence to use computing technology, software and infrastructure relevant to their subject area. This optimises student learning. The Preparatory School features a separate computer lab, computers in every classroom and a specialist computing teacher. Topics taught in the class are also integrated into the computer curriculum, ensuring that IT learning becomes an integral part of everyday learning.