​Inclusion and Enrichment


Our Inclusion and Enrichment Programs (STRETCH) are designed to embrace and nurture individual learning needs of both gifted and talented students and those with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Students show their learning needs and talents in different ways and at different times in their lives. To ensure that each child's needs are identified and addressed, the progress of each student within the School is carefully monitored through regular standardised testing and ongoing discussions with teachers and parents.

Westminster School is committed to providing equitable opportunities for all students to reach their potential and our inclusive curriculum attempts to meet the learning needs of all students by:

  • Including and making visible within the curriculum the experiences of all the diverse groups within the School, and
  • Valuing and responding to the learning styles of particular groups of students and individuals.

To support this commitment, a flexible model of delivery of educational programs is essential. In addition to inclusive teaching practices, students may receive support within their class or be withdrawn, either individually or in small groups, by a STRETCH teacher, class teacher or additional support person.

Learning Support

Programs for students with learning difficulties may be supportive or remedial in nature and may also require negotiation and/or modification. They are varied according to the needs of students and mainly focus on the curriculum areas of Mathematics and English.

Enrichment and Extension

For gifted and talented students, a range of methodologies apply both in and out of the classroom. STRETCH offers an Enrichment and Extension program designed to capture the talents of each year level cohort. These sessions occur outside the regular classroom and provide stimulating opportunities for like-minded students to work together in their areas of interest and talent. Topics studied have included: Maths, Science, Creative Problem Solving, Technology, Creative Writing, Poetry, History, and Individual Research.

Individualised Curriculum

Some students require a modified, individual curriculum involving intensive support or accelerated learning. Our Inclusion and Enrichment staff liaise with teachers, parents, students and external professionals to develop and implement Individual Education Plans (IEPS) for these students.