House System

Our House system works across the whole School to deliver our pastoral care program. Students are assigned to one of six Houses in the Preparatory School and one of ten in the Senior School. Houses comprise students from all age groups (within their respective schools: Preparatory or Senior) and form the basis for friendly, intra-School competition for sports days and other activities.

In the Senior School, Year 8 students are assigned a class group with a class teacher, who is responsible for their care and welfare. The Head of Year 8, oversees and supports the class teachers and all Year 8 students. From Year 9 onwards, pastoral care is overseen by the relevant Head of House, with assistance from tutors.

The teacher in charge of a House knows about many aspects of every student in their House – enough to have an overview of their welfare. The House tutors work with smaller tutor groups within the House and have daily contact with students.

Each House holds regular meetings where students of all age levels interact. Each House elects leaders, who take on positions of responsibility within both the House and the wider School. Houses also organise community service activities and fundraising projects and involve parents in many of their activities.

The House System of Pastoral Care in the Preparatory School

The Preparatory School has six Houses. These are named after aspects of the Westminster complex in London, United Kingdom.

Abbey House (Orange) is named after the famous Westminster Abbey, alongside Westminster School, London.

Charter House (Blue) is named after the Magna Carta, the great list of freedoms guaranteed by King John I at Runnymede in 1215. It represents the parliamentary process.

Crown House (Purple) is named after the royal families who have provided leadership throughout history and is specifically representative of the Palace at Westminster.

Mace House (Red) is named after the club-shaped staff, the symbol of authority in Parliament.

Wesley House (Teal) is named after John Wesley who founded the Methodist Church and his brother Charles who attended Westminster School, London.

Wyvern House (Gold) is named after the mythical wyverns, Welsh dragons that were supposed to vanquish evil. John Wesley wore them on his ecclesiastical garments. They therefore represent the Church and are specifically representative of Westminster Abbey.

Every student and every teacher in the Preparatory School is placed in a House. For the students, the placements are permanent and all members of the same family through the generations are placed in the same House.

House Meeting

Each week the whole Preparatory School go to their respective House area for their meeting. At House meetings the Heads of House and House staff make every effort to make the students feel comfortable and involve them in House activities. This weekly meeting helps the children to know all of the students in their House and engenders a healthy spirit. At this time Merit Cards are issued to recognise students who have performed particularly well.

As the students progress through the School, and at an appropriate level of development, they take part in a wide range of inter-House competitions, which are designed so that the students learn to try many things, give of their best in every endeavour and feel pleased with their efforts. There is competition in athletics, swimming, cross-country, public speaking, winter sports, summer sports, chess, art and academics.

On the last day of our academic year, the inter-House aggregate shield is presented to the winning House at the Certificate Ceremony.