We provide many and varied opportunities for children of all ages to participate in our Drama program.

Each year the Junior Primary students (Reception - Year 2) present a major Christmas production that involves all students in a musical performance.

Formal Drama sessions begin in Year 3 with classes in Years 3 to 5 undertaking activities aiming to develop their performance and stage skills across a wide range of Drama genre. The class work culminates in a major musical in the Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts that is written specifically for the groups and allows Year 5 students the opportunity to take on more major and challenging roles in preparation for their movement into Year 6.

Once in the upper years (Years 6 - 7), the Drama program focuses around a major co-curricular musical that sees children audition for roles in the challenging and high level production. This original musical is written to suit the specific needs and abilities of those children who have gained a role in the production. Those with skills in the dance area are often involved in the musical and work under the direction of a professional choreographer and provide a valued part of the finished product. Other children with an interest in set design, lighting, sound and stage management are given the opportunity to work alongside our Performing Arts Centre Technicians to develop their skills in these areas. Culminating in a very high quality performance, the show is always eagerly awaited.