Co-curricular Activities

There are a very wide range of activities offered in the Preparatory School and all children are encouraged to participate.
For our Junior Primary students, Westminster Preparatory School is part of the Active After-School Communities Program (AASCP), which is a Federal Government initiative conducted through the Australian Sports Commission, aimed at improving the fitness of primary school students. This program at Westminster, allows for our Junior Primary students to have access to a series of skills-based after-School physical activities, free of charge to parents.
From Year 3, children are strongly encouraged to undertake a winter and a summer sport, but aside from the physical activities, there are also musical, intellectual and cultural offerings.
Sports choices are many and varied. Some of the sports offered are hockey, tennis, football, soccer, netball, basketball, cricket, T-ball, softball, baseball, table tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, cross-country running, athletics and sailing. We take part in SAPSASA competitions which can lead to District and state selection for our top students.
Cultural and intellectual pursuits are also encouraged. Some of the activities on offer to students are dance, computing, chess, Brainwaves, debating, public speaking, competition maths, Mandarin club, general knowledge and an art club, as well as musical pursuits such as choirs, ensembles, rock band and a concert band.
Co-Curricular Activities in the Preparatory School
All students are strongly encouraged to participate in our extensive co-curricular program. The program provides an important extension to the Physical Education program. The School aims to achieve the following outcomes:
  • enjoyment and fun
  • skill acquisition (raising the level of skills developed in Physical Education)
  • controlled emotional involvement in competition
  • social development through social interaction
  • physical fitness (health and a feeling of wellbeing)
  • an understanding of the sporting/recreational opportunities available in the community
  • the development of personal identity through team involvement.

In the Preparatory School the emphasis is on participation, enjoyment, developing skills, fitness and knowledge as well as fostering a positive attitude towards physical activity. Children progress through stages of activity in sport with different levels of organisation and competition. All staff members are involved in the coaching and management of our sporting teams or co-curricular activities.

Grading of Teams

Teams at Westminster in Years 3 to 5 will not be graded or streamed, unless the relevant association calls for it. This is very unusual in primary school competition. However, at Years 6 and 7 levels, students may be assessed and placed into teams appropriate to their ability. At Years 6 and 7, there will be occasions when it is appropriate for the ‘best’ team to be chosen to compete. These include football carnivals, soccer ‘Cup’ matches and SAPSASA competitions.

Other occasions where a ‘best team’ will be selected are SAPSASA district athletics, swimming and cross-country as well as competition swimming teams.

Hot/wet weather sports practice policy

In the Preparatory School, sports practices are held as scheduled. When the weather is extreme (hot or wet), an alternative activity will be held indoors. Alternatively, parents are welcome to collect their children earlier.

SAPSASA involvement

Westminster Preparatory School is a member of the SAPSASA South West Region and takes part in many of the activities offered by this group.

Our most able students are offered the opportunity to try out for district teams that occur in most sports if they represent the School in that sport. We take part in district athletics, swimming and cross-country competitions.

If you would like any further information about any of the physical education or co-curricular activities, please contact Steve Wayne, Head of Physical Education and Sport in the Preparatory School on T: 08 8276 0312 or Email.